Architectural Designed Homes

The homes in the Hollywood Hills are every individual’s dream and to own one of these magnificent homes can cost you too much.

Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills are the best and the finest in the world. If you are looking forward to spend humungous amount of money for the homes in this region, then it is going to be the best investment that you will ever make. These homes are extremely expensive considering the fact that many top notch celebrities’ stay here.

The area around the Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills is covered with famous and world renowned restaurants and shopping malls. Most of the people living in these parts are from entertainment business background.

The Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills are mainly of two to three stories high. The architecture of these homes is simply awesome and breathtaking especially with their tinted and large windows and doors. All the amenities that you can possibly imagine are present in these homes. The amenities that come with these homes are advanced system for security, BBQ system, garbage disposal, microwave oven, dishwasher, centralized cooling system and freezer.

The Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood-Hills have doors which open directly to the pool and consist of patio outdoor furniture. These homes even have private badminton or tennis courts. These homes also include water sprinklers and fountains which take care of your garden area and you do not require a gardener. These homes are so costly that it might cost you a fortune to own one. But, if you have the money and you are looking from an investment point of view then it is an investment for life.

If you have already taken the decision to buy these magnificent homes in the Hollywood Hills then you need to contact a realtor or an agent who deals with these types of homes. You can also check for over the Internet to get the list of available homes and their prices. Research plays an important part in finding the right home that satisfies all your needs. So, it is better to check the Architectural Designed homes in the Hollywood Hills by yourself rather than depending on someone else. The beauty of these homes will surely prompt you to buy one for yourself.

How to Achieve That Designer Bathroom Furniture Look on a Budget

With numerous magazines and websites showcasing the latest in modern and stylish designer bathroom furniture it is hard not to consider how your own bathroom would look after a pricey designer inspired makeover. Designer bathroom furniture can bring instant interior design impact to any bathroom setting andif you are looking to revamp your existing bathroom luckily there are ways of achieving a designer inspired bathroom without the costly designer price tag.

One way of bringing the unique and elegant appeal of designer bathroom furniture is to add vintage or second hand furniture to the bathroom. Follow this guide and learn how to achieve the look of designer bathroom furniture in your own home.

Hunt down second hand pieces.

Any thrifty interior design expert will know better than anyone else that one of the best ways to find unique pieces of furniture is all about scouring through scrap yards, second hand shops and even charity shops.

A vintage vanity unit or a selection of second hand bathroom cabinets will bring instant individuality to any bathroom setting. As many designer bathroom furniture pieces maintain a unique look, owning a vintage piece will certainly inject an element of designer inspired style into any bathroom setting.

Use your initiative.

While it would be desirable to track down a second hand vanity unit or washstand, if you experience any difficulty in locating these unique pieces fear not as the next way of achieving that designer inspired look in the bathroom simply requires a touch of inventiveness.

When searching through scrap yards or second hand stores remember to use your initiative when uncovering different pieces of furniture – for example, if you manage to stumble upon an antique chest of drawers or dressing table then it is possible to customise these pieces of furniture to make them suitable for the bathroom.

By drilling a hole into a second hand chest of drawers or dressing table, you could easily accommodate a basin on the surface to instantly transform it into a chic designer inspired vanity table to add to your bathroom. The unique appeal of something you have created yourself will no doubt bring serious design flair to your bathroom.

Get ready to polish!

Possibly the main thing to do if you are investing in second hand or antique furniture is to make sure you give the furniture you buy a bit of a make-over before you place it into your bathroom.

While an old washstand or storage unit may look a bit tired and drab when you first buy it, you would be surprised what a quick sandpapering and polish will do to give the unit a new lease of life.

For an even more unique look, you could give the furniture a coat of paint in a complementing colour to your existing bathroom.

Custom Design Home – The Design Brief

Where do you start to design a custom design home? The Design Brief.

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you need? These are two very different questions with very different answers. No matter what your budget is, you will have to get clear on this. You will have to come up with a list! We in the design profession refer to it by the more fancy term of “Design Brief” and it can consist of a scratched out list on the back of an envelope to a 30 page document with magazine inserts, sample plans and paint swatches.

The more complete your Design Brief is, the easier it is to come up with suitable custom home design solutions. Some people like to keep their brief very open, leaving it to the designer to miraculously come up with the perfect design. Whilst those with finely honed psychic powers can achieve this task, it really is akin to trying to shoot a moving target in the dark. It is a process that leads to high expectations from a client – especially if the designer has been foolish enough to promise such a miracle – and usually ends in disappointment.

Having a good Design Brief does not mean that you have to come up with a plan as such, that is the designers job! But feel free to express your own creative talents if you want to start working up a preliminary plan. Thumbnail sketches are good! No-one expects you to be an architect. A plan doesn’t have to be to scale, it is important to just get a concept of the sort of spaces you will need. A bubble diagram with labeled circles for rooms is a good starting point.

I describe the design process to my clients as being like doing a jigsaw – they provide the individual pieces and I put it all together for them to create the overall picture. Custom home design does not necessarily translate as “over the top” and expensive. I’ve designed many modest homes that have been a perfect blend of bringing the functions you need with some special features to make a home unique, individual and a reflection of the client’s personality.

Your brief really needs to consist of some basics: Types of room, Room sizes, Vehicle accommodation, How you want spaces to interconnect, Overall house size, Budget, Outdoor areas, Other structures, pools etc., Special needs or hobbies to be catered for, Furniture sizes, …….the list can get as detailed as you like. Include your “wish list” items but realise that budget will dictate how much you can include in the final home design. Remember designers are usually very visual people, so the more pictures you have to communicate your ideas, the better.

Custom Home Design

Ordinary Home Furniture

The values of ordinary home furniture

Something as simple as the timeless corner TV stands is unobtrusive but you will know about it when the home lacks this piece of furniture. It serves a very useful function that also has implications for your family life. The television sets have become the entertainment center for many families. This is because the old pastimes of doing sports and meeting people are falling out of fashion. We tend to concentrate on the things that we can do instead of the things that we cannot do. As a result we are taken up by the interest in the television set. That is why the accessories are important in the context of family life.

Without the television accessories, the family would be denied one of their most important sources of entertainment. The segmentation of the programs has meant that almost everyone in the family is catered for. The exception is the increase in the rather private television sets that people put in their bedrooms. This means that for practical purposes the family time is no longer the important thing that it was. Nevertheless there is still a role for the modern products. You ignore that role at your own peril. The people that have made mistakes are the ones that believe that they can manage the family entertainment on their own. This is very difficult unless you are a professional clown that never gets tired of entertainment value.

Nevertheless we must be careful not to exaggerate the importance of the electronic accessories. People have different lifestyles and we cannot assign stereotypes to them without making mistakes. Some families do not watch television at all while others are slaves to it. They each have their own principles that they follow when they are managing the different lifestyle choices that they have. In true spirit they have to ensure that the comfort items for the modern home are not interfering in their family life. This interference is marked when it becomes almost obsessive in the way that it clings onto the fabric of their existence. If they can shake it off then they are well on the way to real freedom from the media.

Having looked at the deeper implications of the outstanding furniture sets, we have to also pay homage to their direct usage in the home. They are storage and supportive elements for the entertainment center. Because of their visibility it is important that their general style is in keeping with the design of the home and that they do not clash with other things in the room. The choices that are available mean that you can choose the different product lines that have the purpose of developing the tastes of the owners that you want. It might mean that you have to walk a bit and do some bargaining in the process but the major principle that you get what you want is still intact. That is how the market has grown in order to give the consumers great choices.